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Some think they can cut corners by designing their own logo, printing their business cards on their home printer and so many more creative cost cutters. But are you really saving money? Is it all about saving money? What about the way you are presenting yourself?

If you charge $125 an hour for your service and it takes you 4 hours to design and print your business card, you card just cost you $500. If you are trying to design your own website, you would need to figure out which software you should utilize, find your graphics online, create your pages, and figure out how to get it online. This will probably take you days or even weeks. How much will that cost you in time you could have been spending baking, repairing, cooking, manufacturing?

What about presentation? If you are going to buy a high quality product from someone and they hand you a homemade business card, does that change your perspective of them? If you are spending a lot of money buying modern technology, does it diminish your trust in them if they have a website that is 8 years old? What about trying to order take-out from a restaurant only for them to have no online menu or worse old menu with half of the items no longer available. Do you get frustrated? Do you doubt their abilities?

This is not what we want your customers, donors and future buyers to think about you. We will help you instill confidence, loyalty and professionalism.


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